Our Parenting Education Program provides classes, workshops, and resources for parents and other caregivers who are preparing to raise young children. Our services focus on the health and safety of infants and children, in addition to maternal health issues, so that the entire family can thrive. Community presentations on these and other topics are available upon request. For more information about the Parenting Education program, call (336) 703-3206 or see below for details.

These classes help participants prepare for the third trimester of pregnancy, labor and delivery of their baby, and postpartum life. These online classes are free-of-charge, and they are available in English and Spanish. Please call (336) 703-3206 or e-mail lamberal@forsyth.cc to sign up.

These online classes are designed especially for soon-to-be parents but are also relevant for any family with a baby under one year old. Participants learn skills to help them raise a healthy, thriving baby through topics such as basic infant care, breastfeeding, nutrition, immunizations, birth control after baby, and more. These classes are free-of-charge, and they are available in English or Spanish. To sign up, call (336) 703-3206 or e-mail lamberal@forsyth.cc.

In these classes, participants learn how to create a safe sleep environment and reduce their babies’ risk of SIDS, as well as how to select and install the correct car seats for their children. Participants can learn about safe sleep by signing up for an online Safe Sleep Ambassador training, and they can learn about car seat safety through a combination of over-the-phone support, online videos, and a socially distanced car seat inspection. These services are free-of-charge and can be offered in English or Spanish. Call (336) 703-3194 to learn more or sign up.

Our Parenting Education Program can provide workshops and demonstrations to the community on topics related to the health and safety of infants, children, and mothers. For more information or to make a request, please call (336) 703-3206 or e-mail lamberal@forsyth.cc.

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Online is available FREE OF CHARGE to all families in North Carolina. Caregivers can complete modules at their own pace in English or Spanish to learn real-life skills for parenting their children. In addition, some of our local partner agencies offer in-person Triple P workshops. For more information, visit parentingpath.org

This website from the American Academy of Pediatrics is especially for parents and caregivers of children of any age. You can explore health and safety articles by category or age group to learn current, research-based information for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy child, and a healthy family. Visit www.healthychildren.org for information in English or www.healthychildren.org/spanish for information in Spanish.

Vroom offers FREE parenting tips based on the latest research in early learning and child development. Caregivers can access information online or sign up to receive text messages that will guide them on incorporating “brain building” activities into their daily interactions with their children. For English, visit www.vroom.org. For Spanish, visit www.vroom.org/es.

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